Monday, September 10, 2007

BW Certification Exam

Guys, just want to give you some idea about the examination:
It divides into 6 sections:
1. Data Modelling, (8 questions)
2. Warehouse Management,
3. Reporting,
4. Authorization, (4 questions)
5. Implementation Project, (6 questions)
6. Extraction
The weight of each section is different. The Data Modelling, Authorization, and Project Implementation are not that heavy. It would be better spending more time on the rest.
You need to understand at least the concepts for the following:
Hierarchy, line item, aggregation, display attribute, navigation attribute, Bex Map (TBW20 - Chapter 16), exception aggregation, direct update...
Good Luck.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please share with me some of the sample questions?I am planning to appear for the exam.My email is