Friday, August 10, 2007

SAP Order Fulfillment 2003 Exam Experence

After passing the exam of Order Fulfillment
To sharing some experience:

For pricing
1. rebate agreement
2. pricing procedure determine
3. conditon type/record
4. sepc conditon type for statistical ---VPRS/SKTO

For tax
1.what factors are considered for calculating taxes?
2. tax liability of material
3. tax liability of the ship to party
4. tax identification number determine

For sales
Included concept and relationships
sales area
distrbution channel
item category
sepc- order such as consigment fill-up/issue/pick up with relevant transcations
please read book carefully and you will find more info.

For shipping

storage location
item category
shipping point

Cross Functions Applications

output concept and determine and structure
copying control function
text determine and structure

Tips for solution manage

1. The solution manage contain which area during implementation.
2. Differ between solution manage and ASAP
3. Tthe solution manage basic function.

Hope all lucy!


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