Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Podcast: SAP jobs present and future, with David Foote

By Jon Franke, News Editor
13 Feb 2007 | SearchSAP.com

The market for SAP jobs is hot, with some SAP skills paying premiums over the general IT market. In this podcast with David Foote, president of Foote Partners LLC, find out which modules have a particularly rosy outlook and which ones aren't expected to fare as well. Foote also discusses how outsourcing could affect SAP professionals and gives a general market update and predictions for the upcoming year.

SAP job market trends with David Foote

Download the SAP job market trends with David Foote podcast here:
David Foote discusses what to expect in the SAP jobs market.

Program highlights

(0:40) Can you explain your research and how people can make use of it?

(2:35) Which modules are paying particularly well or poorly?

(4:20) What should SAP professionals be doing to improve their prospects?

(7:04) Can you talk about some particular IT trends that are affecting specialist jobs?

(8:55) How can SAP professionals take advantage of these trends, and what are some roles that will be in demand?

(10:56) How will SAP's SOA focus affect SAP professionals?

(13:29) How does the trend toward business and process modeling create opportunities for roles such as ABAP developers?

(14:40) How does SAP's midmarket push affect SAP professionals?

(17:21) Is outsourcing an issue that SAP professionals should be worried about?

(18:34) Any final thoughts to wrap up?

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